Fine Points

I wish there was a way to translate the beginning of this song into written English – to literally spell out the way the guitar saunters front and center – because it’s a lovely way to start a song, and could be a lovely way to start a paragraph. “Astral Season” is the first single from Fine Points‘ debut album Hover, out July 17 via Dine Alone Records. It was recorded at New Telos, a church turned recording studio studio in Oakland. The bay area duo, Matt Holliman and Evan Reiss, are former members of Sleepy Sun.

What introduces itself as a mellow song swiftly reveals itself as more. The layers of guitar are clean, which isn’t to say it’s not drenched in reverb, it is – more that they’re sharp, present sounding. A tune that’s comfortable being relaxed and excited, like summer on a good day.

Speaking of, watch Fine Points and their pals (presumably) be relaxed and excited in the forest. The music video features band mates playing music and exploring a kaleidoscopic nature-world.