Spring is about to give way to summer, and that means it’s time for California’s music communities to head north to Leggett, CA for the third annual Hickey Fest. Held at the Peg House in Standish Hickey State Park, the three-day campout brings together two things that are essential to the soul: nature and music. Sweet, sweet music.

It all goes down the weekend of the Summer Solstice — June 19, 20 and 21 — some of the longest days of the year. Utilize those extra hours of sunlight by lounging at the mouth of the Eel River with stellar 25 bands, each hand-picked by the Hickey Fest mastermind, Ash Reiter of Sugar Candy Mountain. Festival highlights include Dead Meadow, Vetiver, Jolie Holland and The Blank Tapes, as well as some of our favorite local outfits Trans Van Santos, Luke Sweeney and Everyone is Dirty.

A weekend pass covers both music and camping, so get yours here and trade a few grey San Francisco days for a real summer weekend.

Hickey Fest 2015 from Arsenii Vaselenko on Vimeo.

2015 Hickey Fest lineup:
Jolie Holland
Dead Meadow
The Blank Tapes
Sugar Candy Mountain
Cool Ghouls
The Donkeys
Mild High Club
Extra Classic
The Electric Magpie
Peal Charles
Trans Van Santos
Luke Sweeney
Bells Atlas
White Manna
Everyone Is Dirty
Range of Light Wilderness
This Frontier Needs Heroes
Two Sheds
Lost Luvs
Kacey Johansing
Young Nudist
DJ Golden Gram and Friends
The Max Savage Show