Killer Whale

When asked about his inspiration for his latest album as Killer Whale, Thomas Johnson told me “I basically wanted to make a psychedelic rock n roll record.” But his end result, Ocean Blood, gives us so much more. Yes, psych rock vibes are present, but Johnson also seamlessly integrates country, folk, and even jazz elements. Synths, layers upon layers of vocals, and programmed drums add a great sonic touch, but you get the feeling Johnson would be compelling with just his twangy voice and a guitar. Johnson, a Baton Rouge, LA native now living in San Francisco, recorded the album in New Orleans with Scott Sibley, and performs locally with Nathanial Bilbrey on drums, Shawn Wyman on bass, and Eamon Schnieder on keys. You can stream Ocean Blood and an excellent one-off track, “Cotton Blood” below, and see Killer Whale perform at several Bay Area spots this summer.

Desert Island Friend, Into the Pacific, Killer Whale
The Bistro (Hayward)
June 26, 2015
8pm, FREE

Desert Island Friend, Killer Whale
Hotel Utah
July 23, 2015
9pm, $10