Down and Outlaws - I Dont Care

There are a lot of hyphenated rock bands out there. You know the variations: electronic-rock, folk-rock, dance-rock, noise-rock, alt-rock, and on and on, until you can’t find your way out of the sub-genre rabbit hole. Down and Outlaws don’t need no hyphen. They’re completely comfortable being known as just a rock band. A rock band that plays rock n’ roll. It’s that simple. No hyphens necessary.

Their latest single, “I Don’t Care (I Don’t Care),” perfectly exemplifies that fact. Featuring a fist-pumping, singalong chorus, rumbling tom beat and a guitar solo to make Angus Young proud, it’s a chain-smoking, leather-clad, long-haired punk of a song looking to bring out the rebel in you.

A video is on its way as is an official release show at the Rickshaw Stop later this month presented by Our House. Don’t forget your leather jacket.

Down and Outlaws, The Electric Magpie, Hungry Skinny, Mark Nelsen
Rickshaw Stop
June 24th, 2015
8pm, $10 (all ages)