San Francisco’s Ray Gun began late last year when guitarist and vocalist Cameron Gibbons hooked up with drummer Mike DeLuccia with a plan to add a bit of soul to the California psych rock scene. With Cameron’s demos laying the foundation, they added keyboardist John Cipriano, who lived down the street from Mike but just happened to have toured extensively with East Coast folk band Tamarin, and according to Deluccia has “been really instrumental in bringing our sound to the next level”. DeLuccia tells me they’ve gone through three bassists in their short tenure, but they think their new one, Dom Moisant, won’t spontaneously combust. They’ve been recording an album as a full band that they hope to release in July, but for now, you can listen to Gibbons’ original demos or catch them live Sunday night at 50 Mason Social House.

Brother Grand, Valley Queen, Ray Gun
50 Mason Social House
June 14, 2015
9pm, $5 (21+)