M. Lockwood Porter

M. Lockwood Porter has been bridging the line between San Francisco and Oklahoma, between Americana and rock n’ roll, and between singer-songwriter and full band for a while now. Still floating from the release of his full-length, 27, which came out this past October, he’ll be venturing back to San Francisco in a intimate and personal show.

The album is a tangle between being a mid-life crisis album and a break-up album, where Porter battles and fights with the truths of getting older, going through new experiences while still grasping onto life and making realizations all along the way. His full band sound: an electric and enticing sight that is powerful and emotional, from the powerful rhythm section that serves as the backbone to the entire sound to the catchy country-esque riffs that fill each track of the album. His solo show: a visceral experience that is welcoming and passionate. M. Lockwood Porter masterfully takes his Oklahoma roots and combines him with the experiences of living in the Bay Area – a feat that is not easily achieved, but one that he makes look so simple.

You can catch M. Lockwood Porter performing solo this week. More information and music below.

M. Lockwood Porter, Kierston White, Nels Andrews
The Lost Church
June 12, 2015
8pm, $10 (all ages)