Moira Scar
Photo by David Chi

With a band name like Moira Scar and albums titled Psychosis and Scarred for Life, I thought I was in for something dark and disturbing when I first played their tracks. Yeah, there’s plenty of darkness and screams, but underneath it all, it’s just so much more fun (and danceable) than I was expecting.

Moira Scar began as a collaboration between comic book artists Roxy Monoxide and LuLu Gamma Ray, who according to Roxy, “came out of the S.F. synth punk sewer rock of The Floating Corpses“. Drummer Mikey Mayhem was brought in to fill out their sound, which would just feel right experienced live in a dark, grimy warehouse or a place named “First Church of the Buzzard”, (an actual Oakland venue where they’ll perform August 29). Check out the fun that is Psychoid below, which can also be purchased on vinyl via Cochon Records:

When Roxy Monoxide and LuLu Gamma Ray perform as a duo, they are V.E.X., aka Ventriloquest Ectoplasmold Xanaxax. As a duo with a drum machine replacing Mr. Mayhem, they’re even more danceable and perhaps a bit more experimental than they are with Moira Scar. Check out their latest album below, and see them perform at the Hemlock June 16 or any number of underground venues this summer as either a duo or a trio.

All Your Sisters, Echo Beds, V.E.X., Burning
Hemlock Tavern
June 16, 2015
8:30pm, $6