Isaac of Odawas

MJT of Odawas
Photos: Kayla Krut, edited by Isaac Edwards

Last year, Oakland duo Odawas ended their lengthy hiatus released one of my favorite albums of the year, Reflections of a Pink Laser on Bookmaker Records. As Odawas hinted in our interview with them last summer, they’re already back with a second album on the Paris-based label with the release of Black Harmony. Black Harmony is more “conventional” than Reflections, (there’s no 20 minute instrumental track, for example), but there’s plenty of expansive studio wizardry and weirdness if you’re into that sort of thing. (Which you should be). It’s clear Michael James Tapscott’s distinct voice is a perfect match for his partner Isaac Edwards’ synth mastery, and we should consider ourselves lucky they’re back together. As they did with Reflections, the great folks at Bookmaker have created some kick-ass cover art and videos for the project. Check it all out right here:

Tapscott tells me there’s no Odawas shows booked at the moment, as he and Edwards are “headed to the inner reaches of our mind to start work on The Black Tape Series Volume 2: Black Ops“. In the meantime, you can see Tapscott perform with his excellent folk rock project China at Awaken Cafe June 18.

Deep Ellum, Everyone is Dirty, China
Awaken Cafe
June 18, 2015