Rin Tin Tiger
Ahem. Your attention please, ladies and gentlemen: your summer jam has arrived.

Our faves Rin Tin Tiger are back with a new single, “Small Cuts That Bleed A Lot,” and it’s a good thing. A very good thing. It’s a little more intense than their usual stuff, but still seems like the natural evolution of the rustic, rootsy sound they’ve established so far.

A ripping rockabilly-inspired track, “Small Cuts” is outfitted with a chugging, cowpunk-y crunch and a harmonica hook that’s oozing with earnestness — it sort of seems to match the band’s free-flowing facial hair and apparent preference for flannel and denim.

Rin Tin Tiger have a new album, Burial Grounds, that’s coming very soon — June 30th, to be exact. They’ll be at the Independent on July 10th with their friends Owl Paws, also celebrating a release.

Rin Tin Tiger, Owl Paws
The Independent
July 10, 2015
9pm, $15 (21+)