lildnewep‘Never Too Late To Hate’ album cover (art: Brendan B. Larsen aka Wigboiler)

Lil Dowager made their debut a year and a half ago with their EP Attorney at Law, which featured the now instantly recognizable track “Post-College Hardcore”. In the time since, the Oakland trio have continued to push forward with their frantic, and frankly fun sound. Released just a week ago, Never Too Late To Hate is four more tracks of groovy noise, recalling the unhinged sounds of early emotive hardcore like Mohinder or Antioch Arrow, and even the barely discernible weirdness of The Locust. Despite hailing from The Bay, these three freak rockers are taking cues from a lot of Southern California punk that found its way onto Justin Pearson’s San Diego label, Three One G, but giving it a special, wild twist that one only finds in Bay Area music.


The new EP opens with piercing bass feedback over flailing guitar arpeggios before exploding into a sassy post-hardcore frenzy. The songs are anchored by Zach Alexander’s grimy bass lines, and Tucker Bennett’s snappy drum work (including the occasional cowbell flourishes), while guitarist and noise maker Matt Ferrara weaves improvised noise and guitar leads over the top.  They’re usually coordinating outfits – one time I saw them it was all over dragon print button ups, another time, suits with biker shades. Listen to and download the new EP for free below, and check out a single from their 2013 release. They play tomorrow at 1234 Go!, don’t miss it.

Ed Schrader’s Music Beat (Baltimore), Lil Dowager, Toner
1234 Go! Records
May 27, 2015
7pm, $8 (all ages)