The Bay Bridged has the pleasure to present Michael Zapruder’s Farewell to SF Show, with support from none other than Jon Bernson (Exray’s). Michael Zapruder moved to the Bay from D.C. and has proven to be a prolific and unique songwriter, prioritizing group collaborations and untraditional, experimental folk arrangements.  Together with Jon Bernson and several others, Zapruder helped found the artist collective and label Howells Transmitter, curating plays, poetry, and its members’ various music projects.  Zapruder also served as Pandora’s head music curator, a position he designed in 2003 and led until 2011. Simply put, the man is a polymath whose music sounds like a combination of ’60s orchestral pop, Elliott Smith, and maybe even Belle & Sebastian; if you’re not familiar with it, I absolutely recommend checking it out, starting with his 2009 album Dragon Chinese Cocktail Horoscope

Michael Zapruder (Black Ocean)Michael Zapruder (photo: Black Ocean)

Long time friend and collaborator Jon Bernson is quite a distinguished artist himself. Most recently he was recognized with a residency at San Francisco’s De Young Art Museum, which he entitled Antiprism, a work one could describe as multimedia theater, in which Bernson and his Exray’s band mates Michael Falsetto-Mapp and Jason Kick, examined a series of unexplained transmissions that disrupted televisions broadcasting from the late ’80s to early 2000s. Some hypothesize these originated from a vessel at the outer reaches of our galaxy, and the piece invited open discussion on the topic. Additionally, some of his various projects have had their music used in films like The Social Network, he founded the Urban Music Program at the Sunset Beacon Center, is a columnist at Decoder Magazine, and has teamed up with high profile artists like Oakland’s Tune-Yards.

bernsonJon Bernson

The show celebrates 20-plus years of Zapruder’s heavy involvement in Bay Area art and music, and his decision to further pursue his education at the University of Texas at Austin Butler School of Music. Congratulations to Michael, and we’re all looking forward to sharing the night with him! Ticket link is below; let’s make this a proper send off!!

Michael Zapruder, Jon Bernson
The Makeout Room
June 5, 2015
7:30pm, $8