Hibbity Dibbity

San Francisco rock n’ roll / self-proclaimed swamp funk band, Hibbity Dibbity, will be hitting The Chapel one more time this month before embarking on a national tour this summer.

The band is returning to the venue following their last sold-out album release show, “The Bellyman’s Ball,” which was filled with foot-stomping blues, head-bobbing funk and good times. As usual, the band will be aiming to delivering a more involved experience, in an effort “to raise the vibrations”, as band member Tom Relling describes. He added, when we talked, that “Hibbity Dibbity will preside over a ‘Crystal Connection,’ a charging of collective energy to reach premium dialature.”

Yeah. I’m curious too.

Hibbity Dibbity’s second album, Tinctures, Potions & Elixirs, is a pure, story-like fantasy, following the truly psychedelic odyssey of the Bellyman. It’s a journey that is epic and out of this world. Musically, the psychedelic rock and roll blues sound Hibbity Dibbity has come to be known for is both a blast into the past and a taste of something not yet experienced.

The show will also bring to the Chapel stage garage surf-rockers Lemme Adams, who will be releasing their tape that night, and doo-wop garage-rockers Tino Drima.

You can check out a little preview of the show in this video from Hibbity Dibbity’s last show at The Chapel. As you’ll see, it’s gonna be wild.

Hibbity Dibbity, Lemme Adams, Tino Drima
The Chapel
Wednesday, May 27
8pm, $15 (All Ages)