In June, San Francisco’s Flesh World will release their second LP, The Wild Animals in My Life, a glassy collection of trembling, swollen guitars, and primal drumming. Flesh World’s primary songwriters are Limp Wrist’s Scott Moore and Brilliant Colors’ Jess Scott, so it’s no wonder their collaboration exhibits such a confident, intentional sound. Whereas 2013’s MLP featured six songs of vicious, swirling post-punk tracks, this new record draws heavily from the pop wellspring that was buried just beneath the surface. Production assistance from Don Pyle, who’s resume includes artists like Iggy Pop and Peaches, only further draws out the melody.


The Wild Animals In My Life washes over you in cold sheets – the drums hardly ever implementing anything other than a floor tom, snare, and occasional tambourine, while Jess’ vocals drift calmly across the top. The guitars take turn playing jangly, distorted chords and chorus saturated leads. The second song, “Just To Tear Me Down”, features catchy guitar and vocal trade off, and the single “Poolside Boys” really stands out with its climactic chant. On what could have been an LP that simply executed San Francisco post-punk cliches, Flesh World have crafted a uniquely dark pop record.

Comparisons to New York noise and new wave artists are going to be flying around when the album comes out in June, but the songs have a distinctly San Francisco timbre to them, songs who’s textures capture what it feels like on dense, foggy days, unsure whether you’ll be scouring the housing market in 4 months. Listen to a track below, and see them later this month at Hemlock.

The Wild Animals In My Life Tracklist:
1. To Lose Me
2. Just To Tear Me Down
3. The Wild Animals In My Life
4. Shaved Head
5. Poolside Boys
6. Strawberry Bomber
7. Your Love Is Like A House
8. Here In The Dark

Swiftumz (record release), Dirty Ghosts, Flesh World, Kiss Cam, DJ Becky G
The Knockout
May 28, 2015
9:30pm, $8 (21+)