Kendra McKinley

You know that light-headed, dizzying sensation that comes when you realize you’re about to fall in love? When you know you can’t stop it, when the crude inevitability of the fact seeps into your bones and the adrenaline rush of anticipation keeps you up at night? That’s how I felt listening to Kendra McKinley’s ecstatic new single “Fine As A Vine.” I’ve been attracted to her sound since hearing her last full-band release “Do What You Want,” but now I’m hopelessly smitten.

“Fine As A Vine” is a tie-dyed pop gem drenched in intricate, swirling harmonies that recall the oddball brilliance of oft-overlooked greats like The Zombies and The Move. But McKinley is no throwback act – her sound may echo the past but she belongs firmly in the present. Her distinctive voice and gift for compelling vocal melodies anchor the song, allowing what seems like dozens of layers to be added without crushing it under the weight of ambitious creativity. It’s a dense and delectable track requiring numerous listens to fully unravel this skein of sonic goodness. Extravagant yet not superfluous, complex and completely contagious.

Oh, and there’s also a wailing guitar solo that kicks the whole thing into psychedelic overdrive at the minute and a half mark. Swoon.

Spring’s as good a time as any to fall in love I suppose.

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Kendra McKinley & Diana Gameros
The Chapel
May 19, 2015
8pm, free (21+)