Nothing 2015 Tour Poster

Next week, the East Bay will be blessed with a rare appearance from Indiana’s Cloakroom, a trio whose dense, stony emo turned heads with this year’s Further Out. I can’t deny it, I seriously love this band. From the baritone, Morrissey-esque vocals to the massive drumming – just listen to the single “Starchild Skull” for a full dose of their fresh slow-core. They’ll be making their way out here with Philadelphia’s Nothing, who play a brand of shoegaze that hints at its creators hardcore punk pasts; a type of vicious, dreamy grunge, who’s bite is occasionally lost in cascades of reverb.


Joining the two touring acts will be local rocker Tony Molina, who plays short, catchy pop songs that sound like Thin Lizzy and Weezer’s concise child. It’s highly unlikely this show won’t sell out with a lineup like this, and if you’re hesitant and need that extra nudge, just watch that Cloakroom video again.

Nothing, Cloakroom, Tony Molina
Oakland Metro
May 19, 2015
7:30pm, $15