Plush(photo: Zack Wise)

Plush are a new four-piece from San Francisco that play guitar driven pop music with angsty undertones. Their music harkens back to when SF had a thriving garage scene, but taps into the elements of shoegaze that a lot of newer bands have been experimenting with – overloaded guitars and reverberating bends. Just last month the band released their debut record Pine, comprised of seven catchy “sob rock” songs. Compared to their 2014 tape Pale, the production is noticeably cleaner and more discernible, but they didn’t completely abandon dissonance – saturated leads and distant, soaring vocals are still abound. Their sound hits on a lot of dream pop tropes, but the very capable vocalists keep the songs from feeling too familiar.

pinecover‘Pine’ cover art (photo: Dyl)

Opening track “WAYN” is a catchy anthem about the loss of a long time friend. The next song is a droning ballad, but is quickly followed by two awesome garage-y jammers. I really like “Older Pictures”, a darker, sassy song that creeps along, exploring haunting feelings and the futility of distracting yourself from confronting them. The band shares members with The She’s, so it’s no wonder I’m constantly struck by their vocal abilities, although I’m left wanting more of the male vocalist, who only makes a few appearances on the record. If dreary ballads and reverb soaked guitar pop give you chills, Plush will satisfy all your needs. I’m hoping to hear more from them along the lines of “Older Pictures”.  Listen to Pine below and catch them later this month at Brick and Mortar with Ava Luna, presented by Professional Fans and Different Fur Studios.

Ava Luna, O, Harriet Brown, Plush
Brick and Mortar
May 20, 2015
8pm, $7–10 (18+)