Indie pop band YOURS has a delicious new slice of ear candy out now that is sure to satisfy your musical sweet-tooth. Titled “King of the Hill,” it’s a song that makes you wonder if Paul McCartney had a hand in its creation. Yes, it’s that catchy. Its bouncy rhythm, melodic bass line, boy/girl trade-off vocals and charming use of xylophone will most likely have you hooked before the 30 second mark.

The accompanying video emphasizes the tune’s trippier aspects as well, with its deceptively simple arrangement obscuring a sort of sugary weirdness. Lets call it bubblegum psychedelia — neither strange enough to turn off casual pop fans nor too straightforward for adventurous listeners seeking something a bit more unusual than the average indie pop single.

The band is heading to Tiny Telephone this summer and plans to have a record out by the fall, so, for now, this sonic treat will have to suffice.