Fellow Wolf

A message to all aspiring musicians out there: you gotta be careful when you pick your band name. Christopher Drellow learned this the hard way with his San Francisco folk band White White Wolf that we told you about late last year. Apparently, despite being based in San Francisco and playing some of the softest folk music possible AND featuring a cello, Drellow tells me “some non-zero number of people assumed that because of our name we were a white power group”. It was enough to convince the group to change their name to Fellow Wolf.

Under the new name, Fellow Wolf still plays a soft folk style with little harmony and rhythm surprises thrown in all over the place. Check out the audio for “The Bluebird” below, and catch them at their party for the video release of the track Friday night at Viracocha.

Fellow Wolf, Wicked Man
May 1, 2015
8pm, $10-20 sliding scale