untethered moon

Built to Spill started writing songs 23 years ago in Boise, Idaho, and they’ve played an ever-expanding collection of songs around the world for about the same duration. I wonder, if at a certain point, after translating studio song to live iteration and probably the other way around, the band started to confuse the two, in an intentional and fruitful way.

Their live energy is maybe their biggest charm, and “Living Zoo” – a single off the new Untethered Moon – wears the aforementioned heart on its sleeve. Listen to the song, and then listen to the first minute and a half or so again and probably again. The song so effortlessly gains momentum, takes-off, spirals out of control — or what have you. It’s a swinging watch of a song that will convince you it takes place the moment you hear it.

Untethered Moon is available now. Built to Spill are also making a stop at The Greek Theatre in Berkeley on July 11 toward the end of a several-month tour. They are playing with Death Cab for Cutie.

Death Cab for Cutie, Built to Spill
The Greek Theatre
July 11, 2015
8pm, $49.50