Colleen Green

In a world afraid of adulting, Colleen Green is ready to grow up.

“OK, no more goofing around,” she said to an adoring crowd last night at the Rickshaw as she headed into her last song, “I Want To Grow Up,” off the album of the same name. The night’s set list was culled directly from her new record, and played at fairly fast clip (the show started at 9 and was out by 11:15), in keeping with the hurry-up-and-get-it-over-with attitude she exhibits toward reaching adulthood.

A few minutes before, she shuffled onto the stage, stoop-shouldered and hands in her pockets, like a woman making her way to the thermostat first thing on a cold morning. She neatly folded her coat and placed it at the foot of the stage, then came back a few minutes later and got to work. For an artist who’s accumulated so much blog cred in such a short amount of time, it’s amazing how chill she is (then again, it’s not that surprising). She shrank into her microphone and spent a lot of time fiddling with the levels as the audience patiently waited. About her only rock star indulgence was slipping into her signature shades before she got started.

Shortly before, SF’s Quaaludes, though they’d been meekly milling about the floor earlier, hit the stage and spit fire. Quaaludes have been on The Bay Bridged’s radar for a while now thanks to their all-in live shows and painstakingly authentic vintage-punk aura, which feels so real you can almost put a place and time on it (L.A. or London in 1980).

It was a draw, though, for crowd adoration between Colleen Green and headliners Upset. Upset, almost universally billed as a supergroup (Upset features former members of Vivian Girls and La Sera, and some lady named Patty Schemel*). Upset are brimming with raw riot-grrl power and are also hilarious, happy, and refreshingly un-jaded for veterans of even the indie industry. In between asides about champagne-in-a-can and throwing up on Sunset Boulevard, the band blew through a bunch of two-minute, three-chord songs, then said goodnight to a chorus of calls for an encore. It’s very cool that a band with bigger chops, but without the buzz that Colleen had received just as warm of a welcome.

*That was a joke. I know who Patty Schemel is. Calm down.