VÉRITÉ (photo: Eric Ryan Anderson)(photo: Eric Ryan Anderson)

New York-based singer-songwriter VÉRITÉ – who will perform at Phono del Sol on July 11 in San Francisco – specializes in entrancing, sultry indie-pop, and now she’s back with yet another gem. “Colors”, which she dropped on Tuesday via Soundcloud, was produced by Zach Nicita (MS MR) and features some irresistible synths swirling with her elegant vocals.

VÉRITÉ (real name: Kelsey Byrne) premiered the track on Pop Justice, telling the site:

“Colors” was written over the course of a few days on my bed. I hadn’t yet met Zach … which is more normal than it sounds. I had been forwarded the track from my manager and was immediately semi-obsessed with how hard the percussion hit from the start. It’s the first time I had collaborated with Zach and written over a track that was so developed. It definitely challenged me to write strong and dynamically from the start and really strongly solidify a departure from ambient synth pop. Lyrically, it has a really complex, convoluted meaning to me that has changed with each iteration of the song. I hope you enjoy!

Listen to “Colors” below, and don’t miss your chance to catch this up-and-coming artist this summer at Phono del Sol – get your tickets here.