Al Lover / Jordannah Elizabeth

Al Lover’s remix of Jordannah Elizabeth’s “A Prayer for Black America” sways along with uneasy optimism, teetering at the intersection of dance, soul, and psychedelia, not unlike the achingly beautiful original. The song is slow tempo-wise, but it’s ‘heavy’. This is a word that gets used a lot, but this song genuinely seems to weigh a ton, without sounding aggressive or explicitly emotive — it’s just hard to imagine anything preventing the song from going, and going, and going.

Jordannah Elizabeth’s voice is brought front and center slowly and assuredly, a voice pushing and pulled by the bleary, lethargic swell around it. Other than the relaxed bpm, the music beneath her voice has a similar sonic palette as acid house, which, when paired with Jordannah Elizabeth’s gospel-like vocals, gives the song much of its alien groove. The revolving door of sounds, of long-drawn out synths and punchy laser-like notes, kind of sounds the way this looks.

It is a remix of the first track from Elizabeth’s album A Rush. Stream her entire album here. Listen to the track below and download it for free.

Al Lover has been releasing official mixtapes for Austin Psych Fest, and he’ll be performing at a kick-off party for Levitation, a festival produced by Austin Psych Fest. Jordannah Elizabeth and Al Lover both live San Francisco.