Trails and Ways Pathology cover

At long last, Oakland quartet Trails and Ways is going to release the band’s debut album, Pathology, on Barsuk Records, joining the likes of Death Cab, Mates of State, and many other top indie-pop bands. The band recorded the album in drummer Ian Quirk’s bedroom, but the big, synth-heavy sound of “Skeletons” doesn’t betray a bedroom project. As Ian explained in an email:

On this one we went for a sound with lithe guitar lines & dungeony synth bass twisting over a heavy club groove. We wanted to make a dance banger that leaves nobody on the floor feeling alone, especially not for wanting something better for our planet than environmental collapse.

The song’s origin is from a dream our rhythm guitarist Keith had. Basically, he was in a club hanging with Drake; Drizzy was wearing a gold Lycra suit and on acid. Suddenly the dream fast-forwarded a thousand years to what was left of the club on an ecologically collapsed earth. Then it spun back to our current time on the dance floor, but nobody else was there for Keith to talk to or warn about what he’d seen.

The group’s US tour kicks off at The Independent on June 5, and Pathology arrives on June 2.