Karina Denike - Photo by Joe Picard(photo: Joe Picard)

Describing the songs of San Francisco’s Karina Deniké as “retro-pop” seems easy enough, but “retro” to when, exactly? Deniké’s music is inspired by jazz, soul and girl groups, but the singer might be most familiar for her work in the world of punk, from her membership in the legendary Dance Hall Crashers through her recent work on NOFX leader Fat Mike’s album Home Street Home.

Under Glass is the performer’s new solo album, out this week, which finds her exploring a variety of styles with a long list of contributors, including Brigid Dawson of Thee Oh Sees, Meric Long and Ralph Carney. Throughout, her strong, engaging voice remains front-and-center. Stream the full album above and catch at one of three performances over the next few days:

with Lily Taylor and Aaron Novik’s Cosimo Lissy
April 16, 2015
8pm, $10

with Tom Lattenand and Lily Taylor
Awaken Cafe
April 17, 2015
7pm, $7-10

with Lily Taylor
Dave’s Record Shop
April 18, 2015
4pm, free