Tanlines_by_AutumnDeWilde1(photo: Autumn De Wilde)
Anyone who follows Phono del Sol headliners Tanlines on Twitter knows that they’re a bit quirky. The duo has a fantastic sense of humor, and based on their latest venture, it looks like they’re putting it to good use.

Their new album Highlights is on the way (and the band has already released a new song in anticipation of it), but rather than rolling out a standard band website, they’re doing something ironically novel. They’ve built a site that looks and functions exactly like Netflix.

Of course, the links don’t (all) go to movies. Rather, they connect to all of their videos, information, and tour dates, but they’ve also created a few of their own Netflix categories just for fun. For example, when you’re done perusing their music links, you may learn something by checking out one of several movie and television categories, including the cheeky “Movies And TV That You Might Not Have Realized Are About Jews.” I, for one, found out the Renee Zellweger is not in fact British, thanks to “American Actors Doing British Accents.”

So, thanks guys.

Check out the site here, and listen to Highlights’ lead single “Slipping Away” below.