Joyce ManorJoyce Manor

Last summer, Joyce Manor released Never Hungover Again – their 20-minute Epitaph debut that see’s the band clearly moving their sound forward and looking towards a career playing their brand of nostalgic pop-punk. Their music has drawn comparisons to Jawbreaker, The Descendent’s, and The Smiths, but never feels like a cheap replica. The Jawbreaker comparison is apt more than just as a sonic reference point- Joyce Manors primary singer/songwriter Barry Johnson has developed a culty fan base much like Jawbreakers Blake Schwarzenbach. This culty fervor has carried Joyce Manor from house shows in Torrance to a slot at 2015’s Coachella Festival. Never Hungover Again see’s Joyce Manor exploring more nuanced and much cleaner production than their last two releases- not abandoning the aggression that drew so many in but rather refining it. For this release, guitarist Chase Knobbe was more involved in the song-writing, and its apparent in the interesting and spindly leads that are all over the record, making Smith’s comparisons all the more accurate.

Following their Coachella appearance Joyce Manor are playing with Desaparecidos and long time friends Touche Amore at San Francisco’s Regency Ballroom. Desaparecidos have just announced their first record in 13 years, and Touche Amore just announced that they are now managed by Roc Nation; I guess they went with seniority to decide who was headlining.

Desaparecidos, Touche Amore, Joyce Manor
Regency Ballroom
April 16, 2015
7pm, $26 (all ages)