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Not long after WOVE (formerly A Million Billion Dying Suns) released their first metal and psych-inspired EP, they’ve already got another on the way — and a killer live concert booking to show off their new stuff. Pretty soon, we’ll be able to catch the band co-headline a set alongside San Francisco’s Creepers at the Great American Music Hall later this month.

“We are stoked,” WOVE’s Nate Mercereau says of the booking. “Creepers is an awesome band and

[they’re] awesome people, and to play together in such a historic venue — we’re going to have fun.”

It looks like they already are. WOVE recently shot a live video (premiering below), and they’re getting excited to drop their new EP2 this May.

“We’ll be playing all new material at the Great American,” he says. “Whatever proves most inspiring is what will make the record.”

Creepers began as a side project of Deafheaven members Shiv Mehra and Daniel Tracy, but has truly emerged with its own separate identity. Bleeding black metal inspired by ’70s horror flick scores, the group’s prog feel envelops listeners in an eerie denseness — not unlike the films that inspired their creation.



Creepers, WOVE, Chasms, Emotional
Great American Music Hall
April 18, 2015
8pm, $13 (6+)