Ride Reunion

Ride  will be in between playing the first and second weekends of Coachella when they headline The Warfield this Monday, April 13th. Earlier this year, shoegaze fans had their hearts skip a beat with the news of a Ride reunion tour. Formed in Oxford, England, Ride’s blend of melodic noise led the quiet charge of the shoegaze music scene in the 90s.

Their first album, Nowhere, is hailed as one of the defining albums of the shoegaze movement – much to the one-time denial of guitarist Andy Bell, who has shrugged off the label of “shoegaze” in the past. Label or not, the band’s reunion also promotes a reissue of OX4, a retrospective of some of the best Ride tracks.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Bell shed some light on what sparked the idea of a Ride reunion. “The interest mainly came from America at first. I’d like to thank them for that – and also for reclaiming ‘shoegazing’ and turning it into a positive. It became the American term for the genre and they didn’t use it as a pejorative,” Bell said.

As with all reunion shows, I’m sure all of the die-hards have copped their tickets, but this show is surprisingly not sold-out yet. Here are some more details:

Ride, Eagulls, DJ Jamie Jams
The Warfield
April 13, 2015
7pm, $35-45 (all ages)