The Replacements
It should be an interesting case study when The Replacements take the stage at The Masonic on April 13.

During the ’Mats festival-heavy reunion tour last year, Paul Westerberg seemed none-too-pleased by the lack of reverence afforded the group by the younger crowds making up the bulk of the audience at those events.

Conversely, the older demographic expected at the Masonic on Monday night will probably feature plenty of middle-aged men eager to relive the glory of their ’80s heroes, but the pristine and artfully-crafted confines of the venue hardly seem fitting for a band made infamous for their drunkenly-sloppy performances.

Westerberg is equally likely to bask in the attention he rightly deserves from a respectful crowd as he is to mock the attendees for the hushed atmosphere of the Masonic.

Either way, the show will likely be a spectacle.

The Replacements have one of the most beloved catalogs and endearingly-devoted fan bases in music, and they haven’t played in the Bay Area in over two decades. The surreal possibility of seeing tipsy dads screaming out “Bastards of Young” in a venue that sits next to stuffy Nob Hill hotels and a world-famous church is almost worth the $63 price that tickets are going for through resale outlets.

Westerberg is always a wild card when performing, and last year’s shows had more than a few forgotten-lyric mishaps, but after a slow start, there was a general consensus that the Replacements sounded remarkably good for a band coming off a 23-year hiatus and featuring just two original members.

Here are the show details:

The Replacements
SF Masonic
April 13, 2015