lila rose

Lila Rose’s new music video is almost as terrifying as the cataclysmic effects global warming is wreaking on the planet. Almost.

Underneath the dark imagery that depicts our dying world as a kind of martyr, however, is a haunted beauty to behold, a disaster as seductive as the singer’s apocalyptic refrain, “this world is on fire.” The song is part melancholy protest, part funeral dirge dedicated to a decaying environment or, as Rose puts it, “a glimpse of goodbye.” It is both political and personal, the message starkly blunt and endearingly poetic.

It’s a spiritual lament as well as a practical plea for help, a desperate warning to rewrite the “same old story” before it’s too late. Expect more to come from Rose soon as her new album drops April 14 with a release show set for The Independent.

Lila Rose, LYNX, Mariee Sioux
The Independent
May 7, 2015
8pm, $15-18 (21+)