diamond heights(photo: Quincy Cardinale)

Five-piece indie pop/rock band Diamond Heights is set to release their debut EP, City Charms, April 4 at Neck of the Woods. Combining lush, atmospheric arrangements, danceable grooves and powerful lead vocals courtesy of singer Martine Donovan, the group is difficult to pin down genre-wise but easy to like with their soaring choruses and all-around solid musicianship.

Single “Evergreen” is a perfect example of their nebulous mix of influences inherent in the music: with its bright guitars, driving rhythm and epic breakdown, you can identify sonic styles ranging from ’80s alternative to ’90s shoegaze to 21st century psychedelic pop. Check out the single and accompanying video to hear and see for yourself.

Diamond Heights, Lords of Sealand, Sea Knight
Neck of the Woods
April 4, 2015
9pm, $7-10 (21+)