la luz
La Luz – Hotel Vegas 3/19, 4pm

Yeah, it rained more than any other South by Southwest in history. Sure you felt a little trapped at the muddy swamp aka Hotel Vegas. Quit yer whining already! 2015 also delivered more rock women then ever before, and let’s face it, they are better at everything. Take Seattle’s La Luz. They did nine shows in four days and delivered their signature moody surf spectacular. They play the Rickshaw on March 31st with ex-pat, ex-Mumler, the great Will Sprott. Don’t you dare miss it!

pearl charles
Pearl Charles – Spiderhouse 3/18, 915pm

LA’s Pearl Charles played eight shows in five days. Beautiful vocals and killer Topanga Canyon guitar sounds courtesy of the woman above.

sunflower bean
Sunflower Bean – Spiderhouse 3/19, 3pm

Brooklyn continues to churn out more great bands than just about anywhere else. Sunflower Bean play super psychedelic stuff. Check ’em out April 4th at Bottom of the Hill.

TsuShiMaMiRe – The Grackle 3/19, 5pm

Japan Night returns March 30th at the Independent with lots of good stuff including the explosive rock of TsuShiMaMiRe.

golden dawn arkestra
Golden Dawn Arkestra – Hotel Vegas 3/19, 8pm

Golden Dawn Arkestra brought 13 members all the way from Zapot Mgawi Saturn, TX. A Sun Ra inspired frenzy of space jazz groove.

moon city boys
Moon City Boys – Volstead Lounge 3/19, 815pm

Sweden sent very few bands to Austin. Fortunately, they sent Moon City Boys. Stockholm’s very finest garage wizards with similarities to Habibi, they played only two shows in Austin, followed by a house party in SF before sneaking off. Message them “Please return soon!”

death valley girl
Death Valley Girls – Velveeta 3/19, 1am

Death Valley Girls come from LA and played the cheesiest club in town. The crowd was small but very pleased with the gritty, motorcycle grunge.

death valley gurl
Death Valley Girls – Velveeta 3/19, 1am

Hinds – El Sapo 3/20, 3pm

And the grand prize goes to….HINDS! These ladies from Madrid played 16 (SIXTEEN) shows in Austin. I witnessed at least four of them. The songs are great. The smiles are infectious. The fun is contagious. Previously called Deers, there was a dispute with some lame Canadian band. Hinds, apparently is a female red deer native to Europe, and a far better name. Touring with boy band Parrots, they are sure to conquer the world.

hinds fka deers
Hinds – El Sapo 3/20, 3pm

Twerps – Waterloo Records 3/20, 1pm

Melbourne is cranking out tremendous bands right and left. Twerps have been bringing it since 2008. Melbourne also sent Courtney Barnett, but by the time I heard of her, she had been on Ellen and hyped beyond my standing-in-line-limit. Fortunately her buddy Frasier Gorman evaded the hype and played a perfect set of early Dylan-esque songs to a moderate sized, line-free show. Peter Bibby played an early “hangover” show on Sunday to a very small crowd. His folk anthems of drunkenness fit right in.

Sadly the other dozen Melbourne bands didn’t make it this year, but for completeness’s sake do buy all the records from: Total Control, Dick Diver, UV Race, Lower Plenty, etc. Sydney did deliver Big White. They played a bunch of great shows, proving Melbourne has some competition.

kim and the created
Kim & The Created – East Side Bikini 3/21, 445pm

Kim of LA’s Kim & The Created has quite the collection of bodysuits. She was spotted at the Gypsy Lounge in a shiny red one, but we prefer the bling above especially when rolling on the floor or climbing on the counters at East Side Bikini.

Coathangers – Buckshot 3/21, 9pm

Atlanta’s Coathangers played only one show at SXSW this year. Sadly it was at a shitty bar with a shittier sound crew. The bass turned off briefly during each song. Of course, it made no difference. Coathangers are the best fucking band in the Universe.

Nots – Volstead Lounge 3/22, 245pm

Goner Records outta Memphis is building a nice roster with recent releases from The Blind Shake, Ex-Cult and NOTS. All of the above played tremendous shows this year in Austin, but NOTS and only NOTS will be displayed at this time.

nots 2
Nots – Volstead Lounge 3/22, 245pm

Guantanamo Baywatch – Hotel Vegas 3/22, 9pm

Portland’s Guantanamo Baywatch should need no further introduction for the savvy Bay Bridged reader. We have been in love for years. Their path to SXSW started with a packed Wednesday night show at the Knockout. With a new album coming out, Darling It’s Too Late!, our heroes are heading down under for their first tour of Australia and New Zealand. Finally GBW are getting the love they deserve.