So Stressed
Meredith Graves’ new label Honor Press was willing to take a shot on Sacramento’s So Stressed, and it looks like the partnership was a perfect match.

The post-hardcore trio, made up of Kenneth Draper, Morgan Fox, and Andrew Garcia, might make tough, tense tunes, but that doesn’t mean they’re all serious all the time. As a matter of fact, their most recent video for “Merv King and the Phantoms” (from the upcoming album The Unlawful Trade of Greco-Roman Art) actually turned out pretty lighthearted.

“I just wanted to make a fun, simple video. It ended up being more lighthearted and sweeter than I thought it would be because I didn’t take into account how silly and charming Nate was going to be while getting hit in the face with balloons filled with weird stuff,” Fox says. “I also didn’t take into account how terrible I am at throwing things. I was never good at sports and this video is a testament to that.”

Check it out below.