JEFF-the brotherhood
JEFF The Brotherhood is really coming into their own. The new album Wasted On A Dream (out now via Infinity Cat Recordings) proves that, though you might suspect as much based on the tidbits we’d heard about it before it released.

“It’s the most time we’ve ever spent writing songs, the most time we’ve ever spent in the studio, and it’s definitely the most fully realized JEFF The Brotherhood record we’ve ever made,” Jake Orrall says. The band wanted to make something that was just as much a ruckus as anything they’d made before, but still reach fans of genres ranging from ’80s punk and old school rock to to ’90s grunge.

It succeeds too. The album blends a lot of sounds, thanks to the addition of Jack Lawrence (from The Raconteurs) on bass and some stellar guest appearances by Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast, folks from Diarrhea Planet, and most notably, Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull, who commands a mean flute solo on one track.

JEFF will be heading to the Indy along with fellow Nashville group Bully, who melt crowds with their rowdy grunge punk. They know what they’re doing — after all, front woman Alicia Bognanno is a former intern for Steve Albini — and anyone who wasn’t lucky enough to catch the group at SXSW should catch them at the Indy before they blow up.

At $12, this might be the best deal you’ve ever seen for a concert.

JEFF The Brotherhood, Bully, Scraper
The Independent
March 29, 2015
7:30 pm, $12 (21+)