Scott Mickelson

Scott Mickelson has had his fair share of experience in the San Francisco Bay Area music scene and beyond, treading forward with his full band Fat Opie and their creatively eclectic songs like “Crying In Spanish” and “Victoryville”. But after years of spending time in front of a mic with different people backing him, Mickelson has moved forward with his solo project – which incorporates a number of Bay Area fixtures such as members of The Family Crest, Rivvrs, Jeff Campbell and Megan Slankard – and has aptly titled it Flickering.

The album, which is set to release publicly on May 5 and was recorded and produced by Mickelson as his home studio and mixed by Jay Pellicci (The Dodos, Sleater-Kinney, Deerhoof) at Tiny Telephone Studios in San Francisco, is a compilation of his quintessential sound: a clangy alternative-folk blend. Driven by Mickelson’s booming and unforgettable vocals, Flickering is a compilation of the twangy Americana sounds and a lyricism that takes listeners on a journey.

“Hercules & Iron Man” is all that and more, featuring a beautiful and heavenly string section that graces the track in an elegant and delicate way. The song is ballad-like, and tells the story of heroes and villains, and the role we each play becoming one, the other or both.

You can stream the full song below, and preorder the full length album on Mickelson’s website.