Palma Violets

After a raucous SXSW performance that ended with being dramatically dragged off stage, the UK’s Palma Violets are hopefully bringing that reckless attitude back to San Francisco. The South London band are headlining tonight at Rickshaw Stop ahead of the release of their second album, Danger In The Club. The band have been in hiding over the past year where they’ve been writing and recording more of their garage rock sound.

Having been catapulted from obscurity to being on the cover of NME in late 2012, Palma Violets took the UK indie rock scene by storm. Before getting signed by Rough Trade Records, the band relied heavily on having their sweaty energetic sets speak for themselves rather than promoting their music through social media. It worked. Palma Violets released their debut, 180, a vicious, jagged garage rock collection of songs that resonate more for their energy than lyrical prowess. The fresh-faced under-25-somethings that make up Palma Violets (Will Doyle, Sam Fryer, Chili Jesson, and Pete Mayhew. Doyle, Dryer, Jesson, and Mayhew) know better than most how to have a good time on stage and play off of one another’s energies perfectly. Oh, to be young!

Check out the video for Palma Violet’s new single, from the upcoming album of the same name, “Danger In The Club” below and catch them at Rickshaw Stop tonight!

Palma Violets, The Tet Holiday
Rickshaw Stop
March 24, 2015
7:30pm, $15