idea poster

Last month we shared Idea the Artist’s track “The Ceiling”, which took her folk stylings and pushed them in all directions, adding in a mantra-like vocal hook and killer guitar riff. As the lead single off her upcoming album The Seafloor (out March 24), it captured a huge step forward for the Berkeley musician.

Now, Idea has unveiled the album’s swirling title track and its accompanying video. While “The Ceiling” reduced the song to its stark, minimal parts, “Seafloor” is a swirling, exploding track that combines elements of gospel and guitar-driven rock, evoking a dizzying kaleidoscope of colors and movement:

To celebrate the album’s imminent release, Idea the Artist has put together a show guaranteed to be as joyful and varied as “The Ceiling” and “Seafloor.” Accompanied by a full band, Idea the Artist plays the Rickshaw Stop this Friday, with San Francisco’s always-reliable Be Calm Honcho and Ghost Tiger. With The Seafloor, Idea the Artist is sure to floor you.

Be Calm Honcho, Idea the Artist, Ghost Tiger
Rickshaw Stop
March 20, 2015
9pm, $10