Wreck and Reference
California duo Wreck & Reference have only been around since 2011, but the band has already toured as support with an array of acts of an impressive caliber; Deafheaven and Liturgy, just to name a couple, have smacked them onto their bills in recent years.

With the release of 2014’s drearily stellar Want, Wreck & Reference presented a novel type of metal — one that was rooted in electronic instruments and challenged the classic (and some might argue, tired) tropes of the “conservative” genre.

The band is finally about to embark on their own headlining nationwide tour, and will stop in Oakland at the Golden Bull this weekend for the show.

wreck & reference

But be sure to get there early to catch the openers, Sacramento-based punk outfit So Stressed, who are on the main tour with Wreck & Reference, have not only been endorsed by Perfect Pussy’s Meredith Graves, they’ve also been signed to her new Brooklyn label Honor Press. The show’s local main support, Bosse-De-Nage, blends post-rock with black metal, and matches the frantic aesthetic of the headliners.

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Wreck & Reference, Boss-De-Nage, So Stressed, Beast Nest
The Golden Bull
March 21, 2015
9pm, $8 (21+)