Beautiful Machines (group live)Beautiful Machines (source: Facebook)
On Friday, March 27, DNA Lounge is hosting the 2015 Fog City Music Festival, featuring a great local slate with the likes of The Frail, Fritz Montana, Taxes, EagleWolfSnake, and more. The show kicks off during happy hour and will run late into the night with a total of 12 bands gracing the stage down on 11th and Harrison. Co-presenters include the likes of SF-based screen printers Studio Nico, Portland/Oakland label Breakup Records, and the one-and-only Different Fur Studios.

One of the other local acts, San Francisco electronic trio Beautiful Machines, is releasing a new single “Real Love” on March 31, and we are excited to be premiering it today on The Bay Bridged. The track has a beautiful ’80s feel, like you could drop it in the middle of the soundtrack for The Breakfast Club or Say Anything, and nobody would bat an eye. Mixing yearning lyrics about recognizing what isn’t actually true love with driving synths, guitars, and drums, the song thrives on a whirlwind of emotion orchestrated by bandmembers Conrad Schuman, Veli-Matti Mattila, and Stef Ku. Recorded by Beautiful Machines and mixed by Monte Vallier in San Francisco, “Real Love” is a head turner, building on the band’s sound established on their first LP, 2013’s excellent Disconnect : : Reconnect.

Listen to Beautiful Machines’ “Real Love” below, following by full details on Fog City Music Festival.

Fog City Music Festival
DNA Lounge
March 27, 2015
5:30pm, $10-15 (all ages)

Fog City Music Festival (poster)