willow steps
“Don’t wanna spend a lifetime singing about a girl who got away / I’d rather live a life singing to the girl who came to stay,” Willow Steps cheerfully proclaims on their aptly-titled debut single “Simple Song About A Girl”. It’s a wistful little folk tune delightfully free from the cynical irony that has become the albatross hanging around my generation’s tattooed neck, and the sheer joy expressed by the duo comprised of Jesse Strickman and Leiya Mahoney is hard to come by without sounding corny or insincere in the process. Their pretty, understated harmonies can convince even the most jaded millennial that these feelings are for real, successfully selling lines like, “Getting old and ugly / never sounded so lovely” that could have fallen flat if delivered halfheartedly. Like a stripped-down She & Him, Willow Steps excels with simple song structures and catchy melodies, taking only the most essential ingredients of pop music to remain memorable long after the track has ended.

The duo is busy recording now so no immediate shows on the horizon, but check out the accompanying music video to get a feel for their chemistry that adds another appealing layer to their already appealing sound.”