Sabertooth Zombie

Sabertooth Zombie is celebrating the release of their fourth and final installment to their Human Performance series of EPs this Saturday night at Thee Parkside. The EP displays their genre melting pot sound through 15 ferocious minutes: classic rock, sludgy metal, hardcore punk, even hints of blues and outlaw country – as long as it’s loud, it works for these guys. Featuring Lemmy-like vocal growls, chugging guitar lines, and chunky drum grooves, the new release is a blistering hybrid of heaviness. They even manage to make a backing horn arrangement menacing on the mosh-pit-starter “Gardens of Loss.” Now that’s impressive.

Sabertooth Zombie, Creative Adult, Buffalo Tooth, Culture Abuse, I Wanna Die
Thee Parkside
March 14, 2015
9pm, $8 (all ages)