Moon Duo (Photo by Antonio Curcetti)

Moon Duo have just kicked off their North American tour in support of their third full-length studio LP, Shadow of the Sun (out now on Sacred Bones). Catch the Portland-via-San Francisco psych-rock favorite at Bottom of the Hill on March 25 with support from Once And Future Band and Carlton Melton. The show is all ages.

Wooden Shijps guitarist Ripley Johnson and Sanae Yamada still form the band’s core, recruiting Canadian drummer John Jeffrey (who also played on Moon Duo’s previous release, Live in Ravenna) to record on Shadow of the Sun. The new album was conceived during a break in touring, taking its form in “a dark Portland basement” free from distractions before being mixed with Jonas Verwijnen in Berlin.

The classification of “repeat-o rock” still remains relevant with Moon Duo’s rhythmic guitar riffs and hypnotic keyboard loops, now fortified with the unwavering backbone of live drums to propel you head first into the unknown. “Animal” is a new breed of beast altogether, packaged with the vinyl release of Shadow of the Sun as the A-side of a bonus 7-inch.

Moon Duo, Once And Future Band, Carlton Melton
Bottom of the Hill
March 25, 2015
9pm, $12-14