The Painted Horses

The Painted Horses might just become your new favorite Bay Area Americana band. Their debut album Ponderosa Pines, set to be released March 27, is full of the folk trademarks: gorgeous acoustic guitar lines, charming, weaving harmonies, and singalong melodies. But the trio delivers the music with such a strong sense of pastoral serenity it transcends the conventions and instantly transports you to another era, one blissfully free of sprawling strip malls and congested highways and corporate logo eyesores dotting the landscape. It’s music that makes you slow down your hectic, stressed-out urban existence, a soothing meditation on all the natural wonders taken for granted on a daily basis.

Their new single “Much Too Long” is out now, a groovy little jam with a lovely string arrangement and delicate vocal delivery. Guaranteed to make you feel pretty damn good for nearly five full minutes.

Hey Rosetta!, Owl Paws, The Painted Horses
Brick & Mortar
March 8, 2015
8pm, $7-10 (18+)