21st Amendment Brewery

San Francisco’s only rock and roll beer festival, The Bay Brewed, is back for a fourth year of pairing outstanding local beer and local music! Taking place at The Chapel on March 29, 2015, this year’s festival offers performances by four great San Francisco Bay Area bands and unlimited tastings from ten San Francisco breweries all day long thanks to the SF Brewers Guild. Between now and the festival, we’ll be previewing each of the participating breweries, giving a bit of history and talking about some of our favorite brews from all of these great San Francisco beer makers.


Whenever I spot those ubiquitous 21st Amendment Brewery cans at bars and markets, several questions pop into my head. They include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. “How many beers have I already had tonight? Do I have the capacity to also imbibe a Hell or High Watermelon? They’re so refreshing . . .”
  2. “Is there room in the fridge at home for a pack of Fireside Chat? It is winter, after all, I’d better take advantage . . .”

21st Amendment’s ability to brew delicious, unique beer (I was so skeptical about watermelon beer before actually trying it, let me tell you), and then package it with a trademark design, makes it instantly recognizable in the best possible way. In a city well-known for its food and beverage offerings, 21st Amendment brewery has proven itself as an absolutely worthy inclusion since its early days (way back in the year 2000, founded by Nico Freccia and Shaun O’Sullivan).

Not only can we also easily enjoy 21st Amendment brews at home, but the brewery’s restaurant is always worth a visit as well, pairing their beers with solid pub grub just two blocks from AT&T Park.

But what does it matter what I think? On March 29th at the Bay Brewed, 21st Amendment will be present serving up samples, so come to the Chapel and experience for yourself.