The Silhouette Era

Local dream wave act The Silhouette Era is coming off of a spurring start to the new year. With the success of a a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of vinyl for their upcoming album Beacons, to the release of their new music video for their just released single, “Devotion.”

“Devotion” is a mix of elegant church organs, dreamy guitar riffs and charming vocals. Lead singer Carlos J Gonzalez mixes together feelings of loss and heartbreak flawlessly, and melts them into an otherworldly background of synths and melodies. The track is the perfect of example of what it feels like to dance and move to the sound of your sadness. The song is airy, introspective and hauntingly memorable. Good luck not humming it for the rest of your day.

The Silhouette Era’s upcoming album, Beacons, is set for release in June. You can also catch the band live tonight! Details below.

Panic is Perfect, The Silhouette Era, Bare Bear
El Rio
March 5, 2015
8pm, $5 (21+)