Hibbity Dibbity

After a whirlwind of shows around the country, psychedelic rock n’ roll blues band Hibbity Dibbity is back in San Francisco and ready to catch us all by storm with the release of their new album, Tinctures, Potions & Elixirs.

Coming a year after their debut, self-titled full-length, Tinctures, Potions & Elixirs is a true concoction of psychedelic rock n’ roll blues, which the band has so cleverly coined as “Swamp Funk.” The album is a blend of traditional rock n’ roll sensibilities — and the distorted, shredding guitars that usually come along with it — combined with the jam-band feel of some blues greats. There’s an emphasis on sing-along vocals, and the music is sprinkled with a psychedelic taste, fueled by the band’s roots in the San Francisco Bay Area. Tinctures, Potions & Elixirs tells a tale that is mystical and supernatural, leading the listener head-first into the myths, stories and tales of the telepathic prophet, the Bellyman, who is on a swamp-stompin’ odyssey, obviously.

Oh yeah. You know it’s gonna be good now.

The album was recorded at Jim Dickinson’s Zebra Ranch in North Mississippi while on tour last summer, with the intent of capturing the band’s raw, live sound, which is truly an experience itself. You can check out the music video for their first single off of Tinctures, Potions & Elixirs called “State Trooper” below, as well as catch them live at the Bellyman’s Ball tonight!

Bellyman’s Ball: Hibbity DibbityRoyally Jelly Jive
The Chapel
March 5, 2015
8:30pm, $15 (all ages)