Waxahatchee’s American Weekend was a soft spoken, heartbreaking work of personal narratives that brought you into the room with Katie Crutchfield. One album later, and it’s clear that Crutchfield is pulling out all the stops for her forthcoming album, Ivy Tripp.

Her latest single “Under a Rock,” is a short yet hard-hitting number that features classic Crutchfield with deeply personal lyrics that are easy to cry along with. However, the track is full sounding, with an entire backing band elevating Crutchfield’s signature sound. It’s clear Waxahatchee is maturing, and it’s clear that Ivy Tripp might be the most evolved album in Crutchfield’s work.

Ivy Tripps drops on Merge Records on April 17, but she can be heard at the Great American Music Hall on April 29.

Waxahatchee, Girlpool
Great American Music Hall
April 29, 2015
8pm, $16