Cherry Glazerr at Bottom of the Hill, by Joey Pangilinan
Photos by Joey Pangilinan
Review by Erin Browner

Cherry Glazerr is what a teenage girl band should be — small but wild 18-year-old Clementine on lead vocals and guitar, her older boyfriend Sean Redman (resembling teen wolf) plays bass, and fellow senior high school Hannah Uribe on drums (they graduate in May). The band formed shortly after Clementine released a few bedroom pop recordings under the name Clembutt when she was 15. Burger Records approached her, she formed Cherry Glazerr, and now the band has a huge following of all ages singing along to songs about pizza monsters and crushes gone array.

You’re never sure what a teenage headlining band is going to sound like. Teenagers can be moody and impulsive, so there’s always an X factor that could lead to disappointment. However, Cherry Glazerr was consistently killing it at The Bottom of the Hill for Noise Pop on Saturday night, sending kids into a crowd-surfing craze. Despite a few confused moments of unplugged instruments and a lost audience member hanging on stage, Clementine maintained her “fuck it” attitude and rocked on, ending the set with a song a little more screamo than the rest of her cute-and-angry girl hits like “Bloody Bandaid,” “Grilled Cheese,” and the dark and dreamy “Trick or Treat Dancefloor.”

There is something to be said about The Shivas, a Portland-based trio with a badass lady drummer who can balance graceful harmonies, face-melting vocals, and righteous head banging in one song. Whether it was the lead guitarists shaking his bowl hair cut side to side, his pop art tee shirt, or the screaming teenagers down in front, there was an essence of The Beatles during their groovy and noisy set.

Witnessing a lineup with a majority of lady drummers is an empowering experience. The crowd was heavy with girls dancing and singing along. If this is a sign of the times, we’re cool with kids these days.

Cherry Glazerr will be back at The Bottom of the Hill to play an all-ages show with Sunflower Beams and The Buttertones on Saturday, April 4.