Title Fight
On the heels of their third LP, Hyperview, Title Fight announced a national tour that brings them to San Francisco on March 13. Hyperview is another chapter in Title Fights evolving sound, which has seen the band move from pop-punk to ’90s alt rock, and now to shimmering shoegaze and post-punk. The move feels totally natural though, as every album gave dark hints at their genre expanding intentions. The new album sees them shedding most of the gravelly vocals that gave their records such emotional ferocity and instead showcasing beautifully sung melodies over chorused out riffs and pop songs. “Rose of Sharon” retains the throaty impact of their record Floral Green and “Chlorine” starts with a spidery bass line that I’m very excited to see executed live. I caught the band at Gilman on their last tour and was blown away by the cultish effect they had on the audience – people piling on top of each other to get close to the band. As the band are known for their insanely energetic live performances, I’m very curious to see how the new material will translate.

The March tour is a diverse one, featuring support from Merchandise, a band who’s drum machine fueled post-punk has evolved into ’80s-worshipping stadium rock, and Power Trip, a gnarly Texas thrash-metal band. Listen to “Chlorine” off of Hyperview below, via Anti Records.

Title Fight, Merchandise, Power Trip
March 13, 2015
8pm, $16 (all ages)

Title Fight tour