Seatraffic (Photo Credit: Madison Kotack)(Photo Credit: Madison Kotack)

The Seatraffic duo quickly became a favorite at The Bay Bridged by extorting our love for synthy underwater dreamscapes and the most visually stimulating of live shows. Now we have the honor of premiering “Spoken Reprise” – lead singer Mark Zannad explains, “Back in April we got a free day of recording thanks to Converse and the Rubber Tracks sessions. We had just finished writing and recording our album Beauty In The Night and we really didn’t have any material to record. Brandon and I got together and locked ourselves in our practice space until we came out with a song. All parts were recorded live in one day at Different Fur Studios here in SF.”

It’s a more uptempo departure where we get to hear Mark Zannad sing-speak over macabre organs and heavy drum beats. Listen below, and catch Seatraffic at their first Noise Pop show this Saturday at Brick & Mortar, opening for Sales, Haunted Summer, and GNTLMN.

Sales, Haunted Summer, GNTLMN, Seatraffic
Brick & Mortar Music Hall
February 28, 2015
8pm, $10–$13 (18+)